Saturday, June 11, 2011

Love hurts

Okay so my friend is dealing with a lot of problems.. she has a crush on this guy and he doesn't like her back and she tried to keep a serect but he found out, but what we didn't know was how long ago..and he knew for a while . My friend is in love and she had been writitng this online journal about her feelings and everything, but her so called "friend" who is also friends with her crush told him about the online journal and now she is so angry and none of us knew that someone showed him the journal..and he was freaked out at first but now he doesn't care anymore and said even in his own words "I will never date her in a million years" and that was SO MEAN!
Me and my other friend went and asked him a few question saying "who told you", do you even care" and he said; NO! He is a real jerk!

My friend with the crush had cried over him a lot of times but right now ... she does not know what to think anymore, but on Monday she is going to talk to him and clear this all up and talk to him. And since he knew that she liked him he knew that she lied, because every time someone told him or someone said some thing about him and her she would be like "We are just friends" and nothing more. So he knew she was lieing and that got him a little annoyed, and i hope when she talks to him, she won't lie again! =[

BUT FOR SURE... my friend will NEVER! be writing online no more.. I am but i really don't care if people find out..i do but i don't write a lot of "MY" stuff here.

So for the past few weeks we have been helping her to move on but she is really sensitive and very stubborn so she does her own thing. Which drives me crazy because whats the point of me being there if she won't listen to what we have to say ... but i am still there. =]

She has not been to school for a while and she will be back on Monday and she will tell first thing!

But after that she will be still having a broken heart and we gotta help her mend it.


BYE!!!!!! hope your love is going well.. =]