Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What you all missed..

HEY, so a lot of stuff has been happening since my last post.

Today I finally wore my new shoes to school in the morning but what i didn't know someone else had the exact same one's so i once i found out i rushed inside the school and took off my "Nike's" and put them in my locker. Some of my friends told me she had the same pair but i never knew, and i didn't even see them..So right now they are in my locker and once i see that person and she is wearing the same shoes i will not wear them to school but if they are different i will wear them! I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING! Why do you care?!?! ..see people in my school take everything way to seriously, so if someone is wearing the same thing you are..oh they will lock you out make your week a living hell, i know right CRAZY! So i am praying that person don't have the same shoes as me!

ALSO today our grade 8 level is getting ready for play day! We are planning it out because it is starting next week and we have to do good! The grade 8's are hosting the event and planning. Me and my group is doing this dance off where kids and whatever dance and challenge each other and just have fun!Today in the afternoon we were testing out the events, we were doing "Tug of War" girls VS boys and boys won the whole 3 games but the girls were winning for like ten seconds.. but it was great!

We also did this literacy test and i think i did okay on..ANYWAY that is not even the biggest drama! SO there is this girl and she has made people lives a living hell and hurt them in so many ways ever since she got here in grade 6! She like the queen that no one could ever stand up to without getting beat up or there lives ruined for the rest of the school year. Well ever since my classmates have returned from camp, they all started hating on her because at camp she made this girl cry even thou she didn't do anything! IT WAS LIKE JERSEY SHORE AT THAT CAMP! Anyways..her karma finally got to her and no one is talking to her they hate her so much it's not even funny she has been hanging out with little kids hiding in the washroom, but i also feel bad because no one should ever go though that pain.

So she is being hating on, her best friends and her friends turned against her and they want to beat her up. She is going to have the worst weeks of her life right now...

She is known for being a slut and doing all of these nasty things that people want to throw up, she is a lier because she told people she was moving but she isn't and she is going to get hate for that. She has been caught flirting with other people's boyfriends and causing a lot of drama! I think she acts out this way because her dad left her when she was young and never saw him ever again she has so many brothers and sisters then live in a 2 bed room apartment. She doesn't really have a lot of money and she has a police record and can just tell by reading this that she acts out. That girl kind of deserves it because all the things she did, being a two face, acting like she ruled the school, making people cry, and  hide in fear..she deserves it! but i feel bad! It wouldn't be a shocker if she didn't show up to school tomorrow.

For grad we are going to this restaurant and this small dance at our school, we also have to start our dance that dues on Friday and today is Wednesday! We have chosen to do "Blow" by Kesha.

so anyway i gotta go do my math homework!