Monday, May 2, 2011

Hey, I am just doing my homework and getting annoyed, I have to make a story book in FRENCH and there has pictures and there must be 15-20 pages, Note: I am not good in French. AND! I have to read it to grade 4's. =[

SO yea.. I have things to do, I am watching some video's where people are fighting and watching some T.V. shows. =]

OH! YEA! Osama bin laden DIED, after 10 years a searching. They had found him in a mansion a right near the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan, he was then shot to death.

Today in Canada we are having elections for the new prime minster, and you know what I found scary and a waste of the tax payers money, in 7 years we had 4 elections. LIKE PICK SOMEONE ALREADY! Canada is now known for those mistakes!

Well anyway.

BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]