Friday, May 27, 2011

Yesterday my school had a B.B.Q fun fair and we had a bouncy house, cake wheel ,prize table and so much more. My cousins came over to the B.B.Q and i was not happy over that 3 of them came and there is one that i don't really like that much. That day i was hanging out with my friends,eating and getting prizes! OH i saw my friends that graduated last year and they have changed a lot, their outfits, style etc, I t was nice to see them again having fun!

Today people are planning out our graduation now, our theme is night in the clouds! (FANCY) We are having a dance and a dinner at a fancy restaurant, i have to pay $25.00. However it is going to be fun!

I am just like i am always saying thinking about my future..AGAIN!

The grad trip that i am not going is this coming Tuesday.. I will not be attending school for 4 days and then the weekend starts so i got a nice break!!!!!!! THANK GOD!

OH and the weekend is starting so i get another break too.

I had found out some of my so called "best friends" was talking behind my back in a mean way, which got me really mad! And today my classmate, not friend! also the person who was in my music project WHICH i did not want him/her to join...anyway she was asking these really dumb questions saying "what do you do if you hate someone" and i said "i don't talk to them and she made this 3 minute conversation about if i "hate" her. She wanted to know if i hated her without saying "do you hate me?" . P.S I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!! (there is history) So she was trying to keep on the low down basically asking if i hate her, but i didn't want to start anything so i didn't say anything..but if she had the GUTS! to say "Do you hate me?" I would have said YES! but she wants to be a smart child acting all slick and everything! REALLY JUST SAY IT, INSTEAD OF ACTING SO DUMB!

sorry about that ...anyway my dad is getting some eye surgery because his eye have this layer of puss over his eye that needs to be removed, he is going to take one month off from work and that is going to be hard for my family because he is the only one who works and we have to pay bills and everything..

It has been very gloomy outside, raining and wet, puddles everywhere!!! I want the warm sun to come out!

I have been watching T.V. and i saw the last episode of "Oprah" and it was sad, we also saw it in class and we talked about her!

I have been on YouTube, Facebook, Blogger and my email accounts.

well anyway... I am done writing for now..

so bye! Until next time fellow readers!

BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]