Friday, May 13, 2011

hey, umm i have been having a bad today people are being B*****S and i hope she burns and with her dummy so called "friends", hope she burns! They think they have the right to back talk and ruin peoples days and lives. THEY SHOULD REALLY SHUT THERE DAM MOUTHS!!! Like why do people do that, dose that make you feel powerful knowing you just hurt someone, wrecked there day, and made them feel like trash. WELL YOU ARE NOT! YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF TRASH THAT A DISEASED ELEPHANT WOULDN'T WANT!!!!!!!! (FEMALE DOG) who do you think you are are????????

anyway, the year is almost done and i won't hear there nobody sounds of stupidity.

SO, blogger wasn't working so i couldn't post anything up for a while. Right now I am listening to "Jar of Hearts"

SO YEA, i have been busy for a while and dealing with a lot of problems, DRAMA really is the word..

I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM REALLY HATING LIFE!!!!!!!!

BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]